How Google Search Works
April 23, 2012   |   Marketing

Matt from Google breaks down how Google search finds your website.

Meaningful Interaction
January 2, 2011   |   Design, Marketing

Whether you like it of not, your website is a big part of what people think about your company. It is an important extension of your brand. The problem is that most sites don’t work like they should. The main function of a website is to transform visitors into customers by providing useful content to create meaningful interaction.

We’ve compiled a short list of four elements that a website should have to jump start those interactions.

#1 Curb Appeal
When you watch all those house-flipping and home-remodeling shows, there is one phrase that you hear over and over: curb appeal. It’s important to have a welcoming, attractive street view so that people will want to find out more about the property. The same is true about a website. Your home page must look great and be easy to navigate in order to draw people in. This may be your only chance to make a good impression and to guide the user along the path to the desired action.

See elements 2-4 after the jump!


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Audio Visual Productions
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