How Google Search Works
April 23, 2012   |   Marketing

Matt from Google breaks down how Google search finds your website.

The Evolution of the PBS Logo
January 10, 2012   |   Design

The creation of a great logo and brand identity is a process that oftentimes involves a back-and-forth collaboration between the clients and the designers. Very rarely do designers nail the perfect logo in the first round. Sometimes genius takes a little time…

This short video, after the jump, chronicles the stages that designers Herb Lubalin and Ernie Smith went through in 1971 before landing on the iconic “blue person” PBS logo.  This classic logo is one of the best American brands that has really stood strong through the years. It has only be slightly modified even after 40 years. View the video here.


Weird, or just different?
February 10, 2011   |   Inspiration

Derek Sivers, web entrepreneur and musician, speaks at TED regarding perspective. “There’s a flip side to everything,” the saying goes, and in 2 minutes, Derek speaks on a few interesting examples that shows this to be true. Watch the video after the jump. (more…)

The Alphabet
January 24, 2011   |   Design, Inspiration

The Alphabet is a really great video from N9VE that uses different typography to illustrate the beauty of the English alphabet. Watch it after the jump.


November 9, 2010   |   Inspiration

How do you feel about your desk? Do you prefer to forgo the notion of a single workspace in favor of a more nomadic working regiment? This clever and thought provoking short film talks about our work spaces/habits, and more specifically, our desks. Enjoy the video after the jump!


Benjamin Zander on Music & Passion
October 27, 2010   |   Inspiration

We highly recommend that you take a little bit of time to during your day watch this video where Boston Philharmonic conductor, Benjamin Zander talks at the TED Conference about music and passion. Many of his eloquent points have diverse applications for people in business as well as the arts. It is an inspiring talk to say the least! Watch the video after the jump.


Seabase vs Stelvio
October 5, 2010   |   Inspiration

In July 2010 cyclist Patrick Seabase climbed and then bombed (to ride with wild disregard to personal safety) the famous Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps. Watch the sweet video after the jump!


Suburban Heroes
Suburban Heroes
What They Say

OneTen Creative had many ideas to choose from and made my job as a liaison between the Village and OneTen most enjoyable.

Even after I was more then satisfied, OneTen continued to impress us with finishing touches. I thank the crew at OneTen for a job well done.

Kevin McGill
Trustee with Village of Monee
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