The Life Cycle of a Web Page on StumbleUpon
February 20, 2012   |   Marketing

Recent studies have shown that StumbleUpon drives more web traffic than any other social media site. On top of the increase in traffic, the average life cycle on StumbleUpon is quite a bit longer than the other major social sites.

We came across a great infographic, created by Column Five Media, that illustrates these points and more. View it after the jump.

What has been your experience with StumbleUpon (if any)? Have you seen it work for your business?


The Science of Social Timing
November 23, 2011   |   Design, Marketing

Timing is everything. This saying is often true and nowhere is it more true than in social media. It is important to know when the highest percentage of your target audience is online and ready to connect. Check out the very informative infographic after the jump!


Storytelling Vs. Corporate Speak
November 10, 2011   |   Marketing

People like stories. They always have.

A good story can impact and spur to action. Instead of using corporate speak and technical jargon when talking with your clients why don’t you try telling a story instead? After the jump, check out a great infographic that illustrates the difference between corporate jargon and storytelling.


The Anatomy Of An Agency
October 27, 2011   |   Design, Marketing

Grip Limited put together this great infographic that humorously illustrates some different aspects of advertising and marketing agencies. View the full infographic after the jump!


Farewell To A Genius
October 11, 2011   |   Inspiration

The web has been inundated with Steve Jobs info and images following the death of Apple’s founder last week. This info graphic, created by Infographic World, is something special and we wanted to share it with all of you. View the full infographic after the jump!


Infographic of Infographics
August 30, 2011   |   Design

Data visualization is a popular new way of sharing research. Here is a look at some of the visual devices, informational elements, and general trends found in the modern day infographic.

View the full infographic after the jump!


Sitting Is Killing You
August 2, 2011   |   Inspiration

There is one thing nearly all modern Americans have in common: we sit all the time. Though our shift towards computer-based work has done great things for productivity, it has, unfortunately, done terrible things for our health.

From increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long term, to sharply hampered cholesterol maintenance in the short term, the negative health effects of sitting are starting to weigh heavily against the benefits. As we can see, something has to change.

View the full infographic after the jump!


Good – Fast – Cheap
July 18, 2011   |   Design

Graphic artist RichardTheRough has designed a simple infographic that illustrates how people think about graphic design and how they tend to under-value it.

“[Here is] One of the infographic illustrations done in my thesis book about how graphic design in Italy is under-rated.” – RichardTheRough

View the full image after the jump!


In 60 Seconds
June 16, 2011   |   Design

What happens on the world wide web in 60 seconds? A lot apparently. Check out this infographic that breaks down the thousands of things humanity does in any given 60 seconds on any given day.

View it after the jump!


Fastest Ways to Lose Customers
May 24, 2011   |   Marketing

Why do customers leave a company? This great infographic attempts to uncover some of the reasons why. It highlights many different topics, from the more common ones like bad customer service and product dissatisfaction to the less obvious things like social media abuse. See the whole infographic after the jump.


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