The Science of Social Timing
November 23, 2011   |   Design, Marketing

Timing is everything. This saying is often true and nowhere is it more true than in social media. It is important to know when the highest percentage of your target audience is online and ready to connect. Check out the very informative infographic after the jump!


Twitter & Facebook Customization
August 23, 2011   |   Marketing

You might not need another person to tell you how great a custom social media presence can be for your business. But just in case you need a reminder…

Organizations serious about maximizing their online presence look at Facebook and Twitter customizations as a great addition to their marketing strategy. A custom Facebook implementation really helps you strengthen your brand.

We talk Red Bull and their ?? Facebook million fans after the jump…


Everything Ages
October 29, 2010   |   Design Inspiration, Marketing

Check out these impeccably designed fake vintage advertisements for Facebook, Twitter Skype and YouTube. The ads were created by Sao Paulo-based Moma Propaganda for Maximidia Seminars’ “Everything Ages Fast“ campaign. Notice the attention to detail in the cleverly written body copy! See more ads after the jump.


Like Buttons & Web Traffic
October 13, 2010   |   Marketing

We know you’ve seen them. The little blue and white “thumbs up” icons are all over the web. From obscure blogs to Fortune 500 company websites, Facebook’s “Like” button has popped up everywhere. There’s even one on this page.

The Like button lets a Facebook user share content with their friends. When a Facebook user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

According to a recent presentation from Facebook Director of Media Partnerships, Justin Osofsky,  on average, a Facebook user who “likes” your content has more than 2x the number of friends than does a typical user. This could mean the user is more “social” or more influential. The stats suggest that’s it is very important to connect with this type of user. Read more after the jump!


John W. Currier & Co.
John W. Currier & Co.
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When it came time to develop a website for our company, I interviewed several web design firms. OneTen Creative alone stood above the crowd. OneTen helped us immeasurably with creating an attractive brand identity, a clear message and versatile media tools. It is a pleasure working with people who have both vision and integrity.

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