White Elephant Gifts and Web Marketing
December 8, 2011   |   Design, Marketing

During the holiday season, plenty of us go shopping to find stocking stuffers or other small items as holiday gift-giving filler. Often we do so just because it’s the thing to do without really considering the gift’s value or usefulness to the recipient. It’s sad to say, but many of these trinkets turn up as “white elephant” gifts at parties the following year. While it is easy to find an abundance of these cheap, on-sale items, there is probably no worse gift than a “great deal” that is impractical.

This is even true in regards to web design and marketing solutions. Some web marketing companies have unleashed their “web stuffers” aimed at businesses: quick-fix concepts for your web needs. We have all seen the promises of the everything-you-need, highly-effective websites, with do-it-yourself simplicity all for just a few dollars. Do these options really satisfy or do they only serve as temporary solutions that only pacify your need to do something? In our experience, companies are much more effective when they do their web marketing right.

In regards to websites and gift giving, just doing something for the sake of it rarely leads to long lasting, memorable experience. We all want to make a quality impression on our close friends and clients alike.

Now’s the time to make a great impression. It’s time to get a customized web solution that you’ll be proud of and really helps you grow your business. And this holiday season, take time to give a thoughtful, quality gift. You just might make someone’s day.

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