Three Things Entrepreneurs Do
September 26, 2011   |   Uncategorized

The Kauffman Foundation has created a proposal to jump-start the ailing U.S. economy and increase job creation by accelerating the growth of startups and young businesses. The proposal, dubbed “The Startup Act”, focuses the attention of citizens and policymakers on the central role that high-growth startups must play to assure U.S. economic strength.

The foundation has created a great 3-minute video entitled “Three Things” that illustrates, you guessed it, the three key things that entrepreneurs do.

View the video after the jump!

Here are the three things that Kauffman president and CEO Carl Schramm outlines in the video:

1. Push Innovation
2. Create Jobs
3. Produce Net Wealth.

Find out more about the Startup Act on the Kauffman Foundation’s website.


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